Posted on May 9, 2019

Chauffeured Tours Ltd NZ

#Wine regions of New Zealand have become known for their outstanding great quality and of course those same places are wonderful food producing areas. We have an attitude around food and wine that has seen kiwiland become a mecca, I have grown up knowing most all of our family food came from, it's part of the kiwi culture we term it as "farm to table".

As a destination New Zealand has been termed a "new world wine region" however with a little attitude and tenacity punching above its weight in terms of quality and what is great wine without tasty food?

This week we meet an award winning winemaker John Hanock and champion of one Kiwi winemaking area the Hawks Bay to taste his new wine label Hancock & Son. Call now for #ChauffeuredTours of #NewZealand #wine regions and hear the stories, meet and experience the culture of this great southern land.
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